Use your future self to improve today

As we transition into a new year, take time to focus on your future self. You can improve optimism, hope , positive emotions, health and wellbeing by contemplating your future self.

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Dr. Hal Hershfield suggests that the future you are committed to directs your actions today. Is a default future driving your behaviour today? If that is the case, why not shift to imagining your self at your best in the future, so that you change your behaviours today? It will motivate you to behave in the way that helps you become that ideal future self.

How to connect to the best future you

To connect with the ideal you in days to come, you need to spend some time thinking about this future. Plan time in your schedule to do this. You can get a daily planning sheet here.

To imagine yourself at your best begin by picking a period into the future and visualise a detailed description of you. Then, look at specific life areas – your relationships, your work, your physical condition, for example, to help help with the detail.

Think about the values you will need to live to get there. Additionally, think of the qualities and the strengths that you will lean on, as well as the choices will you need to make so that you show up as this best future you.

Now prioritise what you need to do in order to become that best future you, remembering that, as Rober Brault states, it is the path to a lesser goal that keeps us from achieving our larger goal. Think of it as weeding your garden of life, and start clearing the path to your best possible future.

Consider the language you use as well. Future based language is generative and it helps shape the behaviours and actions that shape your identity. Aligning your language to your best future self will help you create a generative loop. This will boost your chances of realising that future.


Dr. Ryan Niemec VIA