Leadership Workshops

Discover, develop, enhance and activate  your leadership identity a with our Leadership workshops. Is it about you and how you manage yourself as a leader? 

Leading Self Workshop

In this workshop participants will discover their leadership strengths and development areas and learn how to maximise their strengths and manage their weaknesses. They will also discover fundamental competences for career success as well as career derailers to avoid.

Is it about how you lead others? Develop direction, alingment and commitment in your team with Leading Others Workshop.

Leading Others Workshop.

In this workshop participants will discover how to ensure their team is headed in the same Direction, works in Alignment and has Commitment. The workshop also shows participants how they can assess these attributes and improve them in their teams

Are you facing uncertainty? Then Leading through Uncertainty will help you clarify your situation  and  develop a strategy to move forward.

Leading Through Uncertainty

In this workshop you begin by discovering your own concerns about things going wrong, you learn how to exercise self-care so that you keep leading the people that look up to you effectively. You will discover how to lead with compassion and learn how centred leadership helps you maintain balance.

What participants have said:

Leading through uncertainty convinced me that indeed there is a silver lining behind every dark cloud. The workshop was engaging, motivating and inspiring, and was relevant to me as a team leader during the current COVID-19 economic crisis.
It was insightful and motivating, and it helped me with solving some of the managerial blocks I was experiencing
That was a very interesting session. I loved it. My expectations were exclusively met. In fact, I feel more encouraged and confident

Communicate to Engage Workshops

How about communicating to engage? Our Communicate to Engage workshops will help you use employee needs  as the starting point for effective exchanges

This Leadership
Communication Skills programme will focus on the following topics:

  1. The
    fundamental information that people need before they can fully understand and successfully perform their roles and responsibilities.
  2. How helping
    employees to achieve greater levels of reassurance satisfaction and engagement in their work benefits your business/organisation.
  3. Which
    communication tools and channels work best in what kinds of situations.
  4. How you can
    use your own life experiences to better understand the communication process and to improve your communication effectiveness as a leader.
  5. How to plan
    communications for maximum impact.

If you would like to have these workshops run for your team contact

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Workshops for High Schoolers

How to Manage Life after High School. This workshop targets recent Form
Four leavers. 
How to manage life Out of uniform into the World workshop   will help recent high school leavers to feel more competent about navigating the world away from high school. There is also an online version.

This workshop includes: 

Developing your self-awareness

Setting smart goals

Pathways to higher education and selecting a career

Dealing with disappointment

Effective time management

Interpersonal communication

Managing your mental health

Basic Money management 

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Career Selection for High Schoolers. This workshop is suitable for students in Forms 1 and 2, or equivalent. It helps them discover key criteria for selecting a career. It  includes:

Personal Effectiveness for Teenagers

Targets class 7/8

A workshop for teenagers that helps them learn how to

  • Set SMART Goals
  • Study effectively
  • Select a career effectively

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