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I know I am not there yet. There is a way I want to show up, to live, to be. Somehow, though, I can't decide what to do. It is not clear, I don't have the courage. I keep getting these thoughts that hold me back. I need help to clarify my idea, my vision, my desire for the future. I need to take the next step.

Leading through Uncertainty Workshop

A workshop to help you assess the impact of uncertainty on your leadership, and how you can remain authentic and effective as an individual and as a leader.

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Corporate Collaborator to Solo-Preneur

A talk reflecting on the transition from being a corporate employee to running your own small business. Email for next session

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This 6 week programme combines journaling with coaching. Weekly reflections are supported by either group coaching or one-on-one coaching

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Leading Others Workshop

Are you a Supervisor, Team Leader or Manager? what is your vision for your team? This workshop helps you asses your effectiveness in setting direction, gaining alignment and securing commitment with your team.

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Out of Uniform into the World Workshop

This is a workshop to help Form Four leavers articulate their vision for the future as they transition into the world out of school. It covers self awareness, career selection and success habits, among other topics.

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Personal Effectiveness for Teens

A workshop for high schoolers that helps them learn how to: Set SMART Goals and develop a plan to help them achieve those goals. We also discuss effective study skills.

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What Our Clients Say


Out of Uniform Into the World Participant,

Out of Uniform Into the World Participant,

The program was good because I was able to gain extra knowledge about the outside world .

My Dream Journey WorkshopParticipant

My Dream Journey WorkshopParticipant

It has been a big impact concerning dreams I have. It made me more open minded.

Corporate Collaborator to Solo-Preneur Talk

Corporate Collaborator to Solo-Preneur Talk

Super talk! And so valuable!!!!!

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