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Are you looking to progress in your career, transition from employment to entrepreneurship, or grow your  business? Do you feel stuck or unsure about where to start? Have you tried making changes but plans just don’t work out? I  coach you to gain the clarity, confidence and courage to take the decisions you need to take.  Here is what some clients had to say: 

“Coach Jaki is one of the most committed and supportive mentors I have ever had. She allowed me to grow and helped me look at different dimensions of my business. “GK

“She is extremely astute and was quick to help me pinpoint the things that are hindering me from reaching my fullest potential, which ranged from financial ‘disabilities’ to self-doubt.” WG

“She is the epitome of a mirror; she helped me self-reflect by asking a series of well-designed and thought-out questions without making me feel like I was being interrogated.” WG


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I recommend Jaki as a Business Coach because she has a wholesome view of the entrepreneurial space (even as one herself), ready to work with individual approaches to life and work.
Having coach Jaki as a coach has been an invaluable experience. I highly appreciated her honest and straightforward approach. Her professionalism and empathy along with her tools and knowledge gave me a real boost.
Sessions with coach Jaki are an eye opener. She guides you to places you were too scared to visit before and she is an excellent companion in the journey to self-rediscovery.