Certificate in Coaching Adolescents and Young Adults

Welcome to a transformative journey that can reshape the lives of both adolescents and young adults while offering you an opportunity to start your own coaching services business! In today’s rapidly changing world, the challenges faced by youth are more complex and demanding than ever before. Parents, teachers, and other adults supporting adolescents and youth play a pivotal role in guiding and nurturing the potential of the next generation, but it’s becoming increasingly clear that traditional methods of support are not enough.

In this age of digital distraction, social pressures, and ever-evolving educational paradigms, it’s imperative for caring adults to equip themselves with the knowledge and skills necessary to empower young minds. The current trends in technology, social dynamics, and educational approaches have the potential to either unlock or hinder the latent talents and capabilities within our adolescents and young adults.

This is where the LSCC Certificate in Coaching Adolescents and Young Adults (CAYC) coach certification course comes into play.

We understand the unique challenges and opportunities that today’s youth face, and we’re dedicated to providing caring adults with the tools and insights needed to become effective coaches. Our course will not only teach you the ethics and fundamentals of coaching,  but also delve into the latest research and strategies to help young people navigate their journey toward realising their full potential.

This course meets the International Coach Federation  (ICF) requirements of professional coaching standards and practices that will enable you to coach anyone, anytime, anywhere. CAYC meets the requirements for the ACC credential pathway by offering 74.5 hours including 10.5 mentor coaching hours, 5 observed coaching sessions and a final evaluation at the ACC skill level.

The CAYC course is ideal for parents, teachers and others who work with adolescents and young adults and would like to gain coaching skills to help them engage, inspire, and support their wards to gain important life skills, maximise their potential and achieve their goals. Coaches who want to expand their repertoire to include young adults will also find it useful.

Anyone who would like to begin their training as a coach will also find this course useful as it will equip them with the foundational skills they need to coach successfully and information on how to set up a coaching business.

The course combines synchronous learning involving real time direct instruction live using virtual meeting application. These live sessions will combine lecture style delivery, group discussion, role play and practice.

This course delivered by LSCC Coaching Education , a division of LifeSkills Coaching Consultants. 

Join this exciting endeavour to foster resilience, creativity, and a sense of purpose in the lives of the adolescents and young adults you care about. Together, we can create a brighter future for the next generation, and by doing so, make a lasting impact on the world.