About Me

One of my favourite things growing up was the visits to my grandma Sabina. I loved the different air, the flexible schedule, and of course, the attention. There was one thing I didn’t like though: the three stone fireplace with firewood and smoke in the dark kitchen which had no window. I told myself that I would not have a kitchen like that when I grew up. Instead, I imagined a bright kitchen with plenty of natural light and a gleaming cooker. This vision, I realised later, influenced my choices in high school, and university, through 3 decades of a corporate marketing career, and even the way I show up as a parent.

Want to draw on the power of your vision?

Jaki helps people design the lives they really want through Coaching, Workshops, Speaking and self-taught courses. Jaki’s has broad experience spanning more than 25 years in Sales, Marketing, Communications and General Management at progressively senior levels. She served in roles covering Eastern, Southern, West and Central Africa for international corporations as well as the non-profit Medicos Sin Fronteras. This deepened her cultural awareness and developed her understanding of how people, markets and organisations work, both for profit and for society. Jaki works mostly with mid-level executives, end career executives (retirement transition) and entrepreneurs. Jaki also runs Leadership Workshops including Leading Self, Leading Others and Leading through Uncertainty. She  delivers Communications training for Executives, and is also a Mental Health coach (Modern Health).

More About Me

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