Six Hints From Career Coaches To Help You Find a Job in 2023

You can get assistance from career coaches like Coach Jaki in identifying your professional goals and acquiring the necessary skills to make them a reality.

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Whatever your situation, here’s where to find employment guidance.

  1. Prioritize quality over quantity when applying for jobs.

This one might be a bit of a relief since sometimes less really is more.

It is improbable that sending the same general application in a scattergun fashion to numerous organizations will be as successful as you hope. hope. According to Mallon, author of Find Your Why: How to Discover Your True Purpose and Live Life to the Fullest, “It’s far better to apply to less, but make your applications precisely tailored to each job.”

“Keep in mind that many job applications are screened electronically, so make sure the terminology used in your application matches that used in the job advertisement.”

  1. Emphasize your actions’ positive outcomes “The largest error I see in applications and interviews is people talking about what they have done instead of talking about the outcomes they have produced.
    Be explicit in your descriptions of your accomplishments so that potential employers can quickly see what you could do for them.
  2. Make an appearance on social media
    Everyone has a LinkedIn page, from corporate CEOs to Big Issue vendors, and if you don’t have one, you’re at a disadvantage.
  3. Maintain a simple CV
    A strong CV should include… Jaki exclaims, “As little as possible!” “Since so many positions receive hundreds of applications, the recruiter won’t sift through countless pages to determine whether you’re qualified for the position. That needs to be made crystal clear right at the top of page one.
  4. Get ready for the worst possible question

A variety of preparation advice is available from career coaches for interviews.
Some of the more challenging inquiries may be:
How can we make our service or product better?
What are your areas of weakness?
What about your previous employment did you find annoying?
What are your thoughts on criticism?
However, it’s also beneficial to consider the types of challenging questions an interviewer might ask you particularly.

  1. Be passionate
    Get impassioned, last but not least! Do not be hesitant to emphasize how much you want and would enjoy the role up for grabs in your application letter or during your interview.
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