Learning from Mistakes 2

At LifeSkills Coaching Consultants we are interested in seeing you become the best you can be at whatever you set yourself to do. In the previous issue, we talked about three elements that are instrumental in helping you learn from mistakes. The first element was admitting that you are wrong. The second one was finding out the cause of the mistake and lastly realizing the problem in your thinking. This second issue continues  discussing some other points you need to be wary of. In the end, we will also enumerate how LifeSkills Coaching Consultants can help you learn from your mistakes and become a better person.

Be real in Judging Yourself

It is vital to always have an objective view when evaluating yourself. Review the decision you made while putting consideration to the information that you had at that particular moment. Carefully look at your strengths and weaknesses. You should also be honest about whether you could have avoided the mistakes that you made. Being objective and honest about yourself will help you in seeing what you ought to have done in the first place. You should however remember that you do not need to make a public confession of your mistakes to learn from them. You should also remember that being objective doesn’t mean labelling yourself as a failure. Being open about your mistakes is however key as it puts you in a situation where you are likely to correct yourself in future.

Study and Talk to Experts

Conduct studies to find out how people have dealt with situations like yours. It is difficult to find exact answers but you can always be sure to find options that can you brainstorm and come up with ideas pertaining to your scenario. Studying can even involve talking to others about the challenges that you are going through. The ‘others’ in this case can be LifeSkills Coaching Consultants, because we have highly experienced Life Coaches. The Life Coach can help you review the mistake which will act as a valuable insight in your path to becoming the best version of you. You should however be wary of people who issue a one-size-fits-all which will not help you. A professional coach listens to you express yourself on what has worked and what hasn’t worked and allows you to derive the necessary learnings from the self understanding that comes form your own review of the situation.


After studying or engaging with an expert, such as coaches from LifeSkills Coaching Consultants, it is now time to put to practice what you have learned. You should be ready to try the newer approaches while implementing the recommendations given thus far. Fix one thing as you continue to make adjustments in other areas. Have a look at the results. Realize what happens when you make a mistake and when you take the right actions. Being successful gives you the motivation to be objective with your future plans. Remember that you will never stop mistakes. The most important part is that mistakes will no longer stop you. You will always be turning your mistakes into great life lessons.

Why LifeSkills Coaching Consultants?

LifeSkills Coaching helps you articulate your vision, interrogate your motivation and create strategies for achieving that vision, while planning to overcome intrinsic personal barriers so that you arrive at your desired destination. Through a series of guided conversations, we will help you get unstuck.  We have the following programs that are aimed at impacting you differently.

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