Leaving High School

During adolescence significant biological educational and social role transitions happen concurrently. Adolescents need to deal with these pubertal changes  together emotionally invested partnerships  (with parents, teachers and peers) and the emergence of sexuality all at once. They must manage pervasive physical changes as well as difficult educational transitions.

In the period immediately preceding their Kenya certificate of secondary education exams they are consumed with exam preparations  and concerns about whether they will do well enough to access their desired higher education.   Immediately after,  they are often confronted by major decisions based on their examination results.

Focusing on an ideal aspirational future can motivate them to make the transition from belonging to the predictable structure of high school to the unpredictable world.

The Out of uniform Into the World workshop will give them skills for self-reflection and help them articulate a vision for their future away from high school.  It will help them feel more competent about navigating the world away from high school.

This workshop  series covers

  • Self-awareness and Self-management
  • Articulating one’s vision and Goal setting
  • Pathways to Higher Education and  Career selection
  • Success habits
  • Basic money  management

Using a 4 step process we help them

  1. Articulate their desired future
  2. Assess their current situation
  3. Brainstorm options
  4. Develop a plan for getting ahead.

We also assist them to complete a strengths assessment and  discuss the results. In addition we talk about potential derailers to their plans, and how then can navigate them effectively.

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