5 tips for restarting your career after a break

Many employees take career breaks, and these breaks can last for six months or more. A study  found out that  for 73% of women  career breaks  are taken for family reasons,  while 47% of men who take career breaks do so  for personal reasons. Whatever the reason for taking  a career break, there comes a time when you will return to work. At such a time, you might feel anxious about starting a new job or you worry that your skills have become rusty.

If you are in this situation, here are 5 effective tips to help you restart your career after a break.

  1. Assess your situation

Most people who have taken career breaks make the mistake of jumping into the first job they can find. In such situations, you might end up in a career that doesn\’t fit your needs and preferences. Therefore it is imperative to take the time to  assess your situation and determine your career goals. Be open-minded and remember that what might have been right for you before the career break might not work in your current situation

  • Update your CV with your career break

It is pretty common for people who have taken a career break to believe that gaps created during the period can ruin their career. If you have not been working for a reasonable amount of time, don’t hide it. Contrary to popular belief, a career break can come with lots of benefits that can make you more “hirable”. Therefore, don’t shy away from including that in your CV. When updating your CV after a break, you will have a golden chance to include all the new skills you might have developed during the break and this will distinguish you from other applicants.

  • Network

When looking for a job after a career break existing connections will come in handy. For instance, you can spend time reaching out to new clients, previous colleagues, family, and friends. Let them know that you are looking for a job since they might point you in the right decision or have a job that could interest you.

  • 4.    Be prepared for your interview

Before attending your first job interview after a break, ensure that you are well prepared to answer all the questions about your break. The employer might ask you why you have a career gap and what you did with the time. Being honest is the first step. Therefore, make it clear to potential employers why you had the break, how you spent the time and why you have decided to return to work.

You can tailor your answers to validate how your break will be beneficial to the job you are applying for. If the employer seems unsure  whether you are fit to return to work, explain to them why you have decided to return to work while emphasising your focus, passion, and drive.


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