Step Beyond Your Barriers

Beyond Your Barriers

What our clients say

     The program was good because I was able to gain extra knowledge about the outside world – Out of Uniform Into the World participant, 2018.

      It has been a big impact concerning dreams I have. It made me more open minded – My Dream Journey Workshop Participant, 2018.

     I found the program encouraging and during the three sessions everything was discussed according to my expectations - Out of Uniform Into the World participant, 2018

      The best thing is that I got new ideas and learnt a lot about myself. At least it answered some of the hanging questions that I came with - Out of Uniform Into the World participant, 2018

When I came here I thought I knew, but I have learnt so much about myself and leadership. Leadership Workshop Participant, 2018



You are generally successful, but not fulfilled. You wake up in the morning and wonder if there is more to life than ’this’. You want more meaning in your life.You suspect that you are stuck, yet you feel powerless to make the change you need.

You could do with some help to take the first step to living the life you really want. ‘Step Beyond Your Barriers’ will show you how to:

i) Recognise where you are in your life now.

ii) Articulate where you want to be.

iii) Identify, reflect on and acknowledge barriers that hold you back.

iv) Plan to overcome those barriers.

v) Begin actions to move you forward.

At the end of this program you will have developed your vision of success with fulfilment and you will have the confidence to pursue that vision.

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