We have programs for Adolescents, for Parents and for Team Leaders, Supervisors and Managers.

For Adolescents

  1. Career Series
    featuring various
    professionals. Listen here, and subscribe to receive new uploads
  2. Live Career
    Selection Workshop online

    every last Saturday
    of the Month.
    In this workshop Coach Jaki discusses how to
    develop self awareness and different career pathways . She shares tips
    about how to study effectively and discusses your career cluster survey
    results (participants receive a link to do this free assessment after
    registration). After the workshop participants get access to additional
    recorded materials including the following topics: studying abroad, how to
    choose a university or college, and what it means to be an adult. PLUS
    they can sign up for a free one on one coaching session. For the Live
    online workshop SIGN UP HERE
    here. Charges are 500/- payable by mpesa paybill 214666, account:
    participant's name.

Goal Setting and Personal Effectiveness Workshop for class 7 - form 4. Live online  Every 3rd Saturday of February, May, August and November. SIGN UP HERE

For Parents

UZAZI PODCAST  is about helping you unpack your parenting instincts to discover how they help or hinder what you want for your children. Download from Itunes Store or use this link to Listen, Subscribe and Share. In this free podcast many topics are covered that will help parents  make intentional choices about parenting.

For Team Leaders/Supervisors/Managers

  1. Leading Self Workshop: In this workshop participants will discover their leadership strengths and development areas, learn how to maximise their strengths and manage their weaknesses. They will also discover fundamental competences for career success as well as career derailers to avoid. Every 2nd Thursday of March, June and September.  REGISTER for the next one. 
  2. Leading Others Workshop: In this workshop participants will discover how to ensure their team is headed in the same Direction, works in Alignment and has Commitment. The workshop also shows participants how they can assess these attributes and improve them in their teams. Every 2nd Thursday of April, July and October. REGISTER for the next one here.

Leading through Uncertainty from the Inside Out: In this workshop you begin by discovering your own concerns about things going wrong, you learn how to exercise self-care so that you keep leading the people that look up to you effectively. You will discover how to lead with compassion and learn how centred leadership helps you maintain balance. Every 2nd Thursday of February and August. Sign up here for the next session.

How Coaching Works